To keep abreast with the changing scenario in higher educa-tion, employment and research a Network Resource Centre (NRC) is set up in the campus. The main objective of the NRC is to create awareness and give exposure to teacher educators and student teachers about the use of computer. Our NRC has free and round the clock broad band internet facility, accessible to all student teachers, M.Ed students and teacher educators with 61 terminals, without any time restriction to carry out their practicum activities like presentations and dissertation work to fruition. The multimedia set up in our NRC helps to inte-grate ICT in our teaching and learning process.

A computer course designed by our teacher educators provides the stu-dents a basic knowledge on the operational use of computers and the internet. Surfing skills of students are developed through practical training sessions in our NRC. The students are also taught to use search engines to download e-resources for their assignments and reference work.