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The Alumni Association of our college supported the organization of the Inter-national Conference 'Teaching English for Employability' (TEE) on 21.11.2013 & 22.11.2013 by way of generating funds from the Alumni and contributed Rs. 70,000/ -.

Rajya Sabha M.P. and Alumnae (1982-83 batch) Mrs. Vasanthi Stanley M.A.,B.Ed.,B.L. donated Rupees 3 lakhs to our college from her M.P. fund for the year 2013-2014 under 'Local Area Development Scheme' (MPLADS) to install Reverse Osmosis Water Desalination System. It was installed to provide drinking water facilities to the student community.

The Alumni Association of our college arranged a visit to 'Little Sisters of the Poor' Thoothukudi on 04.02.2015 and sponsored lunch for the old aged people in the home. Our students provided a variety of cultural programmes to the inmates of the home and interacted with them.

The Alumni Association shared their thoughts with deaf & dumb, Physically challenged and mentally retarded students of Lucia School for the Disabled, Silverpuram and donated toiletries for the benefit of inmates on 12.10.2015.

The Alumni Association interacted with the deaf and dumb students at Good Shepherd School for the deaf and dumb, Thoothukudi and donated two speakers for the benefit of the students. Our students and alumni presented a wonderful cultural programme to the children of the home.

As part of an Extension activity and to help communities have a clean environment and to join hands in the national campaign ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, Thoothukudi ‘Muthu Nagar Beach’ was cleaned in association with Madura Coats on 26.11.15.