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About the journal

‘Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing’-Benjamin Franklin

The above single line is much relevant to the teachers, students and scholars interested in educational research. Research is not something done to satisfy the demands of a degree or a career. It is something done with a real passion to create new knowledge that can improve the existing scenario. Every researcher has to do something worth writing and should also write what had been done in a way worth reading. Our journal is a launch pad to provide researchers a platform to record their research work for reference by all interested in improving educational practices.


Shri. D. Ganesan - Secretary

Annammal College of Education for Women - Thoothukudi


Dr. I. Muthuchamy - Professor, Department of Educational Technology, Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirapalli

Dr. S. P. Denisia - Director, Centre of Women Studies, Mother Theresa Women’s University Research and Extension Centre, Madurai

Dr. A. Joycilin Shermila - Principal

Mrs. R. Suryakala, Mrs. D. Shunmuga SelvaSivaSankari, Mrs. R. Thanga Selvam - Assistant Professors, Annammal College of Education for Women, Thoothukudi


ACE Research Propeller - (A Half Yearly Journal),

Annammal College of Education for Women, Tiruchendur Road

Thoothukudi – 628 003, TamilNadu,

South India, Phone: 0461 – 2375601


Author Guidelines

The ACE Research Propeller (ISSN NO: 2320 – 074X) considers only original, studious articles and research papers for publication. When sending your manuscript to the Editorial Board of ACE Research Propeller, please give a declaration that you have not yet published, or plan to publish, this work elsewhere in any medium. To prepare your paper for the anonymous peer review, please provide a separate cover letter setting out the personal information on the author(s) (i.e., name(s), job title, institution name, address(es), telephone number(s), and email address(es)). If the paper is written by more than one writer please also indicate the details of the co-author.

Manuscripts are to be typed on one side of the paper 1.5 line-spaced with margins 1 inch (2.5cm) all around, and should run between 4 and 6 pages (A4 Size) in Times New Roman 12-point size. An abstract of 150 words should accompany each manuscript. The soft copy should not have headers and footers, as well as page numbers and should be submitted as Word Document with extension .doc. Bibliographic details must be given in APA format. The soft copy of the paper and declaration should be sent to the following Email ID: We encourage e-mail submission of papers.


To subscribe to “ACE Research Propeller” fill in the form given below, draw a DD in favour of “The Principal, Annammal College of Education for Women, Thoothukudi” and send it to The Editorial Board, Annammal College of Education for Women, Tiruchendur Road, Thoothukudi – 628003.

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Publication Policy

ACE Research Propeller requires the author(s) to submit a declaration stating the authenticity and originality of the paper.

The author list should include those who were involved in the research work and no others.

The papers will be selected by the editorial board based on the recommendations resulting from anonymous peer review.

The acceptance of a paper depends on the ability of the research to provide ideas to improving the education system.Errata will be issued when mistakes are identified within a publication

Ethics Policy

The author(s) should ensure that their report is original and should cite the work or words of others used appropriately.

Author(s) should not misinterpret or falsify the results of the research.

The review team should maintain confidentiality about the papers and should not discuss them with any person not in the editorial board of the journal.

The decision made by the editorial board on the acceptance of the paper should be notified to the author(s) not later than a week after the submission of the paper.